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Product Focus

Clip-on quick to mount quarter-turns

Pinet is launching the CLIP’N TURN quarter-turns, a range of clip-on, easy to mount and cost effective latching systems.

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A new family of aluminium-spring hinges with concealed mechanism
Pinet Industrie is launching a family of attractively-designed aluminium profile spring hinges with high performance characteristics combined with an invisible mechanism.

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designed hinges

Now available from Pinet Industrie: a new range of specifically designed hinges to meet customer demands.

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The answers
to all of your hinge and lock needs
The best serve your ptojects, the custom-made activity is designed in two ways:
To follow your drawings
Based on your elements, our design office is here to help you carry out your projects actively and at the best price.
Supported by its unique expertise, particularly in the creation of products with a strong thickness. the design office provides advice for you to be able to optimise your drawings to achieve your functional goals in line with your target price.
  To follow your brief
Based on your needs,
our design office offers you the best adapted solution to your technical and cost constraints.
The 2,000 products grouped together in this catalogue are immediately available and offered in a large number of sizes and materials. The logistics of this complete range are managed by a team and special software (WMS) for optimised reactivity.